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3 Great Inexpensive Restaurants in the Palm Beaches

Posted by Gerald Lombardo on Tuesday, January 28th, 2020 at 12:45pm.

Dining on a dime is part of our DNA, sometimes an inexpensive meal may hit the spot after a long day. Dining out can cost you a small fortune, but it certainly doesn’t have to. It just takes a little pre-planning, Take a look at a couple of the best “cheap eats" in Palm Beach County for classic grub from pizza to burgers, to deli sandwiches. It’s never a better time for budget eating it’s not just fast junk food but a quick balanced dinner option. You can get bargain-hunter great burgers or just quick hot meal diners and luncheonettes. Here are some of the best inexpensive places to eat in the Palm Beaches.


BurgerFi, Harbourside, 147 Soundings Avenue, Jupiter, FL.

BurgerFi is a healthy option for people serving only the “finest natural, certified Angus burgers, dogs, hand-cut fries, frozen custard, craft beer, wine and more.”  They are environmentally responsible as well; each location is built to be ecologically sustainable and including earth-friendly basics.  Consciously choosing to use a source from the best ranches in the country. Where cattle roam free. Breathe mountain air. Eat grass and are treated humanely.  Serving only the finest natural, certified Angus burgers, hot dogs, hand-cut French fries, frozen custard, ice-cold soda, craft beer, wine and much more. Grab a green style burger by choosing hand-cut lettuce rather than a bun BurgerFi never waivers from these high standards.

Pizza Girls

Pizza Girls, Downtown, 114 S Clematis St, West Palm Beach, FL 

Pizza Girls was ranked #89 of 672 Restaurants in West Palm Beach.  The story behind Pizza Girls is interesting. Pizza has been around a very long time and Pizza Girl has been a favorite since it started in 1996. Two young ladies opened a pizza place, a business predominately dominated with male owners, serving unique pizzas made with the finest ingredients. Customers referred to them as the "pizza girls" and the name stuck. They moved and renamed the shop Pizza Girls. service is quick and welcoming. There are tons of meat and vegetarian choices made with fresh ingredients and the service is fast and friendly. Grab a craft beer and sit outside for the best experience.  Have a delicious slice, any of the Italian options or any salads served. Wash it down with a cold drink or craft beer and enjoy!

CR Chicks

CR Chicks, PGA Plaza, 2582 PGA Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

CR Chicks was started with their first store in Palm Beach Gardens over 20 years ago. Since inception, they have opened 6 more stores. CR Chicks offers home-cooked chicken dishes. All the food is prepared fresh daily. CR Chicks offers home-cooked meals with in house prepared food and friendly people behind the counter. All the food is prepared fresh every day. Their meals take no longer than 5 minutes to prepare and serve. It’s a stress-free, quick and nutritious meal

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