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Posted by Nicole Richards on Wednesday, January 14th, 2015 at 11:37am.

 Diving in South Florida

Palm Beach offers a beautiful area of diving opportunities that are just minutes from the shoreline. Underwater photography, lobstering, colorful reefs and shipwrecks where thousands of colorful fish call home, there is something for all your scuba diving interests in Palm Beach. Many professional scuba divers can take you on a private boat to these different diving sites every day.

Five must go to diving spots in Palm Beach:

1. Zion Train: is the name of a Dutch 164 foot long shipwreck that rests one mile north of the Jupiter Inlet that is positioned upright in about 90 feet of water. Inside the steel hull, divers can explore the compartments and the fascinating engine room.

2. Rolls Royce: Located in 90 feet of water, a 1985 Silver Cloud Rolls Royce is parked on the bottom of the sea floor to signify and embody the wealthy lifestyle of Palm Beach. “These days the only thing you’ll see “driving” this vehicle are lobsters and hogfish.”

3. Gilbert Sea: Within 90 feet of water, the unlawful ship was sunk 1.5 miles from the Palm Beach Inlet. The sunken ship is now hastily attracting a sanctuary for tropical and big game fish plus is rapidly being overrun by wild corals.

4. Princess Anne: A 350 foot long ferry sank in 1993 and is broken into two parts less than two miles northeast of the Palm Beach Inlet. Journey on the inside of the ferry and divers can explore the whole and complete staircase, including it's open rooms within the ship.

5. Flower Gardens: Swarming with sponges, bright tropical fish and many sea creatures out of an inward and outward ledge drop. Located approximately four miles south of the Palm Beach Inlet just offshore and is a shallow and quiet dive site. This dive site is recommended for intermediate divers and photographic scenery.

Enjoy the beautiful underwater world, there is so much more to the ocean than what meets the eye!

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