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Posted by Nicole Richards on Friday, January 23rd, 2015 at 9:13am.


To help make your angling practice more enjoyable rather than get too anxious or frustrated, make the time you have on the South Florida waters more positive by fishing smarter. In fishing, there are no guarantees however, there are certain things you can do to improve the odds of getting connected and definitely become more of a successful angler!

1. Fish the Seasons
Certain fish are more dominant in different times of the year. Seasonal migration patterns have a lot to do with how you focus your efforts of going for a specific type of species, however some but not all call Florida their home all year round. For example, your favorite target may be a sailfish but you may not have as much success during the warmest time of the year. After catching a fish, maybe record the date, time of day, tide, weather, gear that was used and the location of the catch. “Before long you’ll have a solid understanding of seasonal migration patterns and when history repeats itself, you’ll be ready to capitalize.”

2. Get in Tune with Technology
Do your research and use the huge array of services that report the weather forecast, live beach cams, and tons of comprehensive data that is provided to you for free at your convenience. Use the technology to your benefit so there are limited amount of surprises and head out with nothing more than high hopes.

3. Get Organized
It’s the little countless things that could determine the entire result of any fishing adventure. Did you tie a proper knot? Is your leader frayed? Is the battery charged on your trolling motor? Many of the small things could be easily overlooked and you might not think about that until it’s just too late.

4. Understanding Local Knowledge
One of the most valuable concepts is gaining local knowledge in a particular region. Some insider information is one of the easiest ways to comprehend tips and secrets of the area. It is worth getting the inside scoop straight from the source such as local captains and guides that spend most of their days out on the waterways.  

5. Get the Fish in the Boat
Fishing is such an exciting sport and anglers have worked so hard to get the hooked, enjoy the fight but always remember to stay calm and relaxed. Let the fish peel the drag but the moment it stops anglers need to be put on pressure and also be prepared if the fish decides to backs off.

“In closing, the only way to become a consistently successful angler is to fish as often as you can. In our busy lives it’s not so easy to sneak out and hit the water as often as we’d all like to, but the saltwater environment is extremely challenging and constantly changing. You have no choice but to go with the flow and take what Mother Nature dishes out. Even though your odds are best under perfect conditions, don’t hesitate to give it a shot even when forecasted conditions don’t appear promising. Often the greatest catches occur when least expected. Remain confident in your abilities, but don’t think you are untouchable. No matter your skill level, there’s always room for improvement."

These tips will help your angling experience when fishing in Palm Beach County & Broward County areas.

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