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A Bit of Information for New Florida Home Buyers!

Posted by Brittany Bosher on Friday, May 18th, 2012 at 10:56am.

Photo Courtesy: Palm Beach Post

Photo Courtesy: The PalmBeachPost.com

If you are new to buying a home and you are looking in an area that is unfamiliar or new to you, take a look at these quick overviews. We have created a list with some quick points about Martin and Palm Beach County to help you refine your search. Get your search for the perfect Florida Home started, now is a great time! 

Palm Beach County- 

Palm Beach County is a large county that boasts a population more than several states in our nation and it covers more land than some of our states cover! It is a large county but that doesn’t mean its residents are not close knit. There is a great sense of community and a ton of personal touch. Palm Beach County is comprised of 38 incorporated cities with hundreds of unincorporated communities each offering a unique set of amenities and qualities. Whether you are looking for a rural, suburban, waterfront, golf course home, apartment or condo, there is absolutely something for you. You can find stunning oceanfront estates in Palm Beach and awesome homes with a lot of land in Jupiter Farms. 

All incomes, all ages and all lifestyles are sure to find the perfect home in Palm Beach County. Palm Beach County also offers the best large public school district in the state of Florida, which includes grade school up to higher education and research institutions. Palm Beach County is perfect for the boating enthusiast, avid golf and sporting type, perfect for social events, some of the world’s best shopping and dining! 

Martin County-

Martin County, found just north of Palm Beach County, is a remarkable county offering some pretty impressive accolades. Martin County has had a viable growth over the years and offers a relaxing getaway. Forbes Magazine has ranked Jupiter Island, located in Martin County, as the most expensive zip code in the nation. Also in Martin County is the city of Stuart, which has been acclaimed to be the Sailfish Capital of the world. Martin County is just a tenth of the size of Palm Beach County, which gives it a great intimate feel. Those looking for a home in Florida may want to give careful consideration to Martin County, where you can boat along the St. Lucie River or Intracoastal Waterway or stretch out on miles and miles of pristine beach.  

Florida Real Estate encompasses a wide variety of homes for people of all ages, incomes and lifestyles. Palm Beach and Martin County is just a couple of examples of all the wonderful counties Florida! 

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