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A Simple Piknik Sandwich Shop – Palm Beach Gardens

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Tuesday, January 11th, 2022 at 2:46pm.

Oh, how the simple things in life can make you smile! Think about a simple picnic, with a great sandwich and someone you care about. Food holds memories and feelings and reminds us of special people and times in our life. Bring back those warm and fuzzy feelings and grab a bite to eat at Piknik Sandwich Shop. The eatery has received five stars on Yelp and is located at 9091 North Military Trail in Palm Beach Gardens.

Chef Christophe Bozzano owns Piknik Sandwich Shop. He chose the name Piknik because he said when he thinks of a picnic, it recalls delicious food, a time to take a break, relax for a moment, and spend time with family and friends. He feels we could all use a little Piknik time in our lives. Bozzano started his apprenticeship in France at the age of thirteen. He has a love and enthusiasm for the pleasing cuisine which has continued to flourish. He had a restaurant listed in the Michelin guide in France and worked for decades as a private chef.

Piknik was born out of a desire to bring you not only tasty food, but a good feeling. It is food made by foodies for foodies, with an emphasis on quality and taste. Savor the flavors of life and remember the simple times. Take a glance at the Piknik Sandwich Shop menu here.


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