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A Treasure of the Treasure Coast: Vero Beach

Posted by Brittany Bosher on Wednesday, June 8th, 2016 at 1:05pm.


Vero Beach is a charming seaside town found in the Treasure Coast region of Florida, located about an hour north of Jupiter. The Treasure Coast is the central expanse of Floridian coastline where numerous Spanish galleons crashed ashore during a hurricane in 1715, thus earning its name. 

The town of Vero Beach is comprised of beautiful coastal estates; small streets filled with boutiques, restaurants and laid back resorts. White sand beaches and turquois waters are the true treasures of the beach town. Every so often a beachcomber will find a piece of the lost treasure that gives the area its famous name. 

Vero Beach is the perfect place to have a relaxing “stay-cation” right here in Florida. Choose a leisurely weekend with a stay at the Driftwood Resort, the area’s oldest fine hotels, which is made up of almost completely of natural driftwood. To explore the enchanting town you and friends can take a walk along the downtown streets to peruse unique boutiques. Find yourself a one of kind piece of art whether it be a painting or a sculpture to bring home. 

If you have not spent time in this amazing little town you must take a trip to Vero Beach!

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