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Abacoa Golf Club Gets Facelift

Posted by Dan Hauser on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016 at 10:28am.

Abacoa Golf Club recently completed $700,000 in improvements, just in time for the golf course's most popular time of the year.

Some of the updates and improvements included improving the driving range, refurbishing the restaurant, moving tee locations, increasing the length of the course, and modernizing the golf carts.

“Our golfers want to finish 18 holes in four hours. They have so many things to do. Their kids are playing sports. They want to go to the beach, out to dinner, meet with friends,” said co-owner Robbie Dew.

The course, which was built in 1999, is one of many public municipal golf courses in Palm Beach County. West Palm Beach, North Palm Beach, Lake Worth, and Palm Beach Gardens all have public municipal courses. Those courses are owned by the towns and cities, while Abacoa remains privately owned yet open to the public. It was part of the agreement when it was built.

While the month of March has always been the course's most popular month, coinciding with Spring Training taking place down the street, the growth an expansion of the Town Center and surrounding communities has made the golf course as popular as ever.

“The golf course and Downtown Abacoa are developing hand in hand and benefiting from more people moving to north county. We are bringing quality retail, shopping, restaurants and golf,” said Josh Simon, a principal with FLF who purchased the Abacoa Town Center last year for $5.1 million.

The technological improvements to the golf course were made mainly for the millennials, which make up an estimated one-third of the golf course business at Abaoca. GPS screens were added to all the golf carts to allow golfers to get a better idea of the hole and what possible hazards could be waiting ahead for them.

The new technology will also allow the staff at Abacoa to help keep the pace of play up as well as keep the course in top shape without having to have someone on the course monitoring everyone. If an area of the course is flooded, the carts can be programmed to not enter that area. The same technology will be used that grocery stores use to make sure their shopping carts don't leave the designated area of the parking lot. In addition, if a golfer or group of golfers gets behind the pace, staff members can send a warning to the GPS screen to alert the golfer to pick up the pace.

Abacoa Golf Club features a sliding rate scale ranging from $30 in the summer to $115 during the heart of season. For a full list of rates, or to book a tee time, visit them at www.abacoagolfclub.com.

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