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Family-Owned Wildlife Park Offers Safe Drive-Thu Safari Tours

Posted by Lacey Hagler on Monday, October 12th, 2020 at 10:59am.

Due to Covid-19, our local local Animal EDventure Park had to temporarily close, but they still have animals to take care of, and are working to bring in lost revenue while providing a safe, educational, and fun activity for adults and children of all ages! They are now able to offer safe no contact Guided Safari Tours at their farm.

These drive-thu animal tours each get their own personal guide who will educate and interact with you over the phone, while you remain safely in your car during the entire tour.

The family that runs the Animal EDventure Park will bring animals inches away from your car window such as a sloth, otters, camels, baby lemurs, kangaroos, a porcupine, and more!

The family’s love for the animals truly shows, and customers say that the animals act like they are part of the family! Bring your child or family for a tour full of smiles during this time of uncertainty. You won’t regret it!

Tours are by reservation only in West Boynton Beach, FL, and full address is given at time of booking. Send a text message to 561-350-6948 to schedule your 30-minute tour today! 

For more information, visit https://animaledventures.com/.

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