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Artisan Cigar Bar Experience – Singer Island

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Thursday, November 14th, 2019 at 10:02pm.


Nestled in a small shopping plaza on the pristine, white sand beaches of Singer Island with souvenir shops, sandwich shops and restaurants is Santana Cigars, 2527 Beach Court, Singer Island.  Santana Cigars is an artisan cigar shop. The intimate cigar bar however they don't sell liquor but offer an artisan cigar experience worth trying.

Owned by Jesi and Fidel Santana, 5th generation cigar rollers, the store sells only the cigars they make in the Dominican Republic. Fidel is a knowledgeable “master cigar roller” who has been involved since the age of 9.  Santana family's many cigar projects, ranging from Florida, Las Vegas, the DR and even Massachusetts.  It isn’t very large, and unlike other cigar bars, it doesn’t have oversized leather chairs, big screen TVs and humidors filled with endless line of name brand cigars.

This is an unpretentious, straightforward, home of some of the best hand rolled "estate" cigars in South Florida.  The Santana’s have complete quality control over the growing, harvesting, fermenting, aging, blending and rolling of every cigar.  Santana Cigars emits pride of a respected, old world craftsmanship passed down 5 generations.  Stop in for a fresh, hand rolled stogie and a walk on the beach.

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