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Boat Dogs and Beach Dogs of Palm Beach County: Dog-Friendly Advice for a Day on the Water

Posted by Lacey Hagler on Monday, January 27th, 2020 at 10:39am.

Leaving the house without my dog is probably the most guilt-inducing part of my day. When she realizes I’m leaving, she flashes those sad puppy dog eyes hoping I change my mind. It’s the worst! The good news is, we live in a place where most people love dogs, and besides dog-friendly restaurants and bars, Palm Beach County has a few dog-friendly beaches and sandbars! It may be easy to bring them along, but besides obeying posted rules in the area, dogs do need a little special attention in order to make sure you both have tons of comfortable fun in the sun!

Here are a few tips for caring for your dog at the beach:

  1. Before heading outside, remember that dogs’ skin sunburns just like humans do. Anywhere they have skin exposed, short hair, white fur, and especially pink skin, apply sunblock 30 minutes before going outside, and limit sun exposure. Don’t forget Fido’s cute little nose and ears! No one wants their poor pup sunburnt, especially since they can’t let you know if they’re in pain.

  2. Bring plenty of fresh water and a bowl, and don’t let your dog drink seawater. The salt will make their stomach upset and create a mess for you later, if you catch my drift. Lots of pet stores make collapsible bowls that are super convenient.

  3. Keep your dog off of hot sand or asphalt. Those little shoe-less paws can burn faster than you think. If YOU can’t walk barefoot on it, don’t expect Fido to!

  4. Keep an eye on your pup, don’t let them run around or swim for too long at once, and give them an option for a shady spot for breaks. Dogs will run until they are dangerously dehydrated, and can even tear a ligament or tendon if they aren’t reminded to rest.

  5. Never try to “make” a dog swim or throw them in the water without knowing if they actually like the water and if they can physically swim. There are super cute options for life jackets if you are headed on a boat, or if you are unsure if your dog can swim at the beach.

  6. If it’s your first time “teaching” your dog to swim, start shallow and try to let them enter themselves by walking deeper and calling their name. It’s even better if there’s another “water dog” around so your pup can learn by example. You may have a natural!

  7. Never, ever leave your dog unattended, and if there are other dogs or young children, please pay extra attention to your dog. 

  8. Your dog will need to relieve themselves. Take plenty of doggie waste bags, and clean up after your dog immediately to reduce risk of feces born diseases and prevent unwelcome “landmines”. You wouldn’t want to stumble upon those, and no one else does either.

  9. After your paw-some day at the beach, rinse your pup off with fresh water before heading home. Saltwater can damage the coat and skin can get pretty itchy if not rinsed!

  10. After a long day, make sure you refill the water and food bowl at home, and let your tuckered-out furry friend rest.

For more information about Jupiter’s dog-friendly beach, go here. > 

If you would like to adopt a pup of your own, you should adopt from our local Big Dog Ranch Rescue! For more information, go here.>

Without further ado, here are some pictures of some really cute boat and beach dogs from our area!

"Rigger", owner Tripp Wagner of Tequesta, FL

"Disco Ball Morris", owners Nicole Sukanick and Tyler Morris of North Palm Beach, FL

"Daisy", owner Andrea Alvarez of Jupiter, FL

"Elmer", owners Kim Michaelson and Adam Majchrzak of Stuart, FL

"Hurley", owner Mike Croke of Jupiter, FL

"Rigger", owner Mike Croke of Jupiter, FL

"Rocket Man Clyde", owner Mark Snellman of Boynton Beach, FL

"Summer", owners Dave and Beth Olin of Tequesta, FL

"Summer", owners Dave and Beth Olin of Tequesta, FL

"Ruca", owner Lacey Hagler of North Palm Beach, FL

"Murphy", owner Steve Livingstone of Jupiter, FL

"Lucy" from @LucyMeetsJuno of Juno Beach, FL

"Vegas", owner Mark DiDario of Lighthouse Point, FL

"Marina", owner Robert Carlson of Stuart, FL

"Henri", owner Sean Neifert of Boynton Beach, FL

"Walter", owner Tim Oxenford of Jupiter, FL

"Disco Ball Morris", owners Nicole Sukanick and Tyler Morris of North Palm Beach, FL

"Trigger" from @trigger_and_cora of Jupiter, FL

"Jackson (Jax)" from @thesoflodood of Jupiter, FL

"Spencer and Parker" from @my.two.shelties.fla of Jupiter, FL

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