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 The U.S. Government requested that a group of visiting British aviators be accommodated at the local hotel, The Carlin House, and that a windsock be hoisted to the top of the flagpole during the winter of 1916/1917.  The intent of the visit was that the group consisting of three groups of three:  a pilot, copilot and mechanic along with a small seaplane practice advanced training maneuvers on the  Jupiter Inlet and Loxahatchee River.   The hotel was unable to accommodate the group, so they arranged to stay with Jupiter residents Mr. and Mrs. Walter Savage.   Mr. and Mrs. Savage were happy to accommodate!

The  3 small, single engine bi-winged seaplanes were marked Allied Planes of World War I; with traditional markings wide vertical red, white and blue stripes on the rudder and circular targets on the wings.  They practiced daily takeoffs and landings from west of the F.E.C. railroad bridge and landings and takeoffs from east of the bridge required the windsock gauge from the Carlin House because the inlet was much narrower. 

During the time the pilots used the waterways, the inlet was closed.  Their seaplanes were parked on the banks when not in use and the pilots and crew erected tents alongside their warplanes.  

Local Jupiter residents, such as William Carlin White’s grandmother, extended their hospitality to the group with fresh baked goods and pastries.  This story, shared by William Carlin White on the Town of Jupiter's website, states “The British group enjoyed these favors very much.  In an effort to show their gratitude they offered, many times and unsuccessfully, to give the girls a ride.  The girls were more than a little apprehensive.  Even knowing that during the entire period that the group was here they had only one crash, without injury; for them even once was too much.”

 Many say, the Town of Jupiter has that “small town, home town” feel to this day.

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