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Posted by zzz - Lorea Thomson on Friday, April 5th, 2013 at 11:39am.


Follow these simple celebrity diet tips and drop pounds in a week!  Be swimsuit ready fast!

Living in beautiful South Florida everyone enjoys looking and feeling his or her best.  Whether you live on Singer Island and wake every morning to a spectacular sunrise on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, enjoy a relaxing, rendezvous on the Loxahatchee River, or something invigorating on the Intracoastal Waterway in between - being in your best shape possible might be something that interests you.  Check out www.doctor.oz as he busts five popular diet myths.

Tip One – Be sure to eat every few hours throughout the day, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Include a few healthy snacks to keep your appetite in check.  Consider monitoring your hunger by measuring your appetite on a scale of 1 (starving) to 10 (very satisfied/full).  Do not wait until you are at a level 1 hungry – you will be more inclined to binge!

Tip Two – Water is essential!  It contains zero calories.  Therefore, if you replace drinks that have calories with water you will end up consuming fewer calories.  Acording to the Mayo Clinic, drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day to remain healthy and prevent dehydration.

Tip Three - Fat is an essential nutrient.  It is vital to your overall good health.   Make a habit of consuming 30% of your daily calories from heart healthy unsaturated fats such as olive oil, nuts, avocado, fish, flaxseed, etc.  Avoid unhealthy trans fats found in processed foods like cookies, chips, etc.  Good fats will help stabilize your blood sugar and help keep the “munchies” at bay.

Tip Four – Have a medical checkup … check out your thyroid function. Speak with your family physician about health concerns.

Tip Five - With aging, your metabolism simply slows down by about 5% for every decade past the age of 40.  To counteract this, force your metabolism to work harder by exercising more and cutting out a few calories (50 -100 daily).

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