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Community Garden Feeds Local Residents in Palm Beach Gardens

Posted by Dan Hauser on Tuesday, June 4th, 2013 at 4:42pm.


Located in Midtown off PGA Boulevard in Palm Beach Gardens is a one-tenth-acre garden where volunteers grow vegetables they donate to local charities.

Providing vegetable to places like the Quantum House in West Palm Beach and Place of Hope in Palm Beach Gardens, volunteers till, plant, weed, and harvest everything from green beans to cabbage on the property. For the last three years, the property owned by the Borland Center has attracted volunteers from all over Northern Palm Beach County for a few hours every week.

The volunteers start in September when they spread compost that is donated by Waste Management. While the garden grows tomatoes, kale, cabbage, green beans, eggplant, broccoli, herbs, and onions, its prized and most popular crop in the tomatoes.

The heirloom tomatoes that are grown in the garden are sold to local restaurants with the money going to buy tools, seeds, and gardening equipment. They also use the tomato money, as well as private donations, to buy plant covers for cold weather, wood stakes, and metal hoops and ties for plants.

The garden will only be able to last in the area as long as the property stays undeveloped. However, with its prime location, those who run and upkeep the garden fear that they might not be able to stay there much longer.

“Community gardens are growing in popularity. People like to teach their kids where food comes from. They like to grow healthy food. And they like the idea of eating locally grown food,” said Eric Jablin, the city’s vice mayor who helped establish the garden.

For more information on the garden or to volunteer, visit www.pbcc.cc/community-garden.

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