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Cool Down your South Florida Energy Consumption

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Friday, August 5th, 2016 at 4:23pm.


Welcome to South Florida summer sunshine.  Summer is the warmest season of the year in the Southern Hemisphere.  Summer season runs June through August. So during these bright and cheerful summertime months, everyone throughout the United States experiences warmer temperatures. 

Warmer temperatures means we’re all using more energy to keep our homes cool.Florida, Power and Light  states, "Because A/C units run twice as long in the summer than during cooler months and account for more than half of your energy bill, you likely will notice your summer bills are higher than normal. Now is the time to take control of your energy use, because forecasters predict August to be another extremely hot month."

You can not control what you cannot see, so your utility bill keeps growing. Have a responsible attitude toward energy consumption and the environment.  Save energy and cash by considering some of these suggestions: 

       - You can save energy and money by increasing the temperature in your home.

       - Set the thermostat in your home to 78 degrees.

       - With every degree you increase, you can save about 5% on your monthly cooling costs.

      - Be aware of which appliances need to stay plugged in and use the most power.

      - Locate where energy is being wasted. Locate it and save up to 40% off your electric bill.

      - Protect your appliances and home theater from power surges with surge protectors.

 Be aware of your forward thinking Visit FPL.com/EasyToSave.  It will help you find ways to lower your energy costs. 






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