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Culture Lab Expands Arts at CityPlace

Posted by Lacey Hagler on Wednesday, August 1st, 2018 at 9:35am.

The space formerly occupied by Macy’s on Rosemary Avenue in CityPlace has undergone a transformation into an experiential cultural arts center. Known as the “Culture Lab,” sophisticated art experiences will be offered including culinary walk-up windows, educational programing and events, and art installations. The two-story building will feature an art assemblage on the first floor, a sound installation on the second floor, and an art installation on the exterior.

The current first floor exhibition is a yearlong visual art project entitled Assemblage: An Organically Grown Exhibition, with the work of two artists, Ioanna Pantazopoulou and Jennifer Steinkamp, and additional artists will be integrated at the exhibit’s culminating event in December 2018.

Artist Stephen Vitiello presents “You Are the Magic,” a sound installation transforming the second floor into an enveloping audible experience. The individuality of this soundscape allows each new visitor to absorb particular perceptions on their own terms, attempting to expand and the participant’s artistic openness.

Michael Craig-Martin is a world-renowned contemporary artist with exhibitions throughout the globe in locations including Germany, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Amsterdam,  Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Craig-Martin uses his signature vibrant colors and strong outlines to drench the CityPlace building’s exterior in what he calls “Palm Beach Parade,” his largest installation and first in the United States.

The Culture Lab is located at 575 S Rosemary Avenue in West Palm Beach, Florida, and is open to the public for free viewing Friday – Sunday 11am – 6pm.

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