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Demolition on Jupiter Inlet 1906 Historic Boathouse

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Thursday, July 14th, 2016 at 8:54pm.


On the beautiful Jupiter Inlet stands a historical piece of real estate, a 1906 Sperry built boathouse.  Located within the Suni Sands mobile home park property, the significant structure will be demolished and transform into a historic hotel on the 10-acre site of the Jupiter Inlet.

William Sperry and his wife, who were owners of Sperry & Hutchinson Green Stamps, built the boathouse.  Most people of a certain age, who are from the South Florida area, will recall S & H Green Stamps from Publix.  Customers collected the stamps at the grocery store or gas station, pasted them into booklets and then redeemed them for various items from books, to shoes, to canoes and more.

The Sperry’s sold the boathouse in the 1920’s.  Prior to the sale, the boathouse was used as a grand ballroom for elaborate parties with a spectacular view!  The new plan for the site calls for a 6,000 square foot building with a roof top area overlooking the Jupiter Inlet.  Part of the redevelopment plan is that part of the space will be available to the public for rent, like the Jupiter Civic Center. 

The boathouse is just a small part of the redevelopment plan for the Suni Sands property.  The plan is to develop the mobile home park property into a quaint historic inn and small shops. 

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