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Posted by Nicole Richards on Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 at 4:11pm.

Color of Dolphin
Photo Location: Jupiter, FL

Numerous offshore fishermen have plenty of views and different beliefs; however there is one thing most of them can all agree on – the fame and attractiveness of Dolphin. No matter what size limit all fishermen admire them.

“Dolphin, like many game fish, are blessed with a coloration scheme called countershading, which they use to their advantage when sneaking up on flying fish and eluding predation.”  This recognizable game fish has theatrical neon designs that any passionate angler could pin point even around the world. Dolphin, believe it or not, are more transparent than they may seem. They have light reflecting cells in their pigment letting the fish change colors from electric blue to lime green to trophy gold and glistening silver. It is quite a remarkable process, which they take advantage of.

Most people associate dolphin with the color green, but while hunting the water, the hungry dolphin often tours in the pigment of a shimmering blue, nearly unmanageable to see alongside the ocean’s sapphire setting. Once a prey is spotted, the fish lights up in neon coloration due to excitement. Set the hook on them and the royal fish jumps and wiggles to spit the foreign hook out with an awe-inspiring shade of tie-dye insignia. Now put a gaff in a ‘phin and watch the light display burn out, fading promptly in pale and dull forest green, as life turns into a sudden death.

We can only wonder the reason why Mahi Mahi is the only fish in the sea that varies patterns and colorations. That has swayed me to believe that the Dolphin fish is one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts to anglers!

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