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Fetch Dinner with Your Furry Friend – Delray Beach

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Saturday, March 19th, 2022 at 4:41pm.

Sometimes the best company is that of your four-legged family member. Did you know there are restaurants in Delray Beach that are now offering doggie menus for your furry friend? Repay them for their undying loyalty with some delicious canine cuisine.

Here are two places where you both can enjoy a dinner out:

Burt & Max’s, 9089 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach

Treat your dog to a CBD doggie biscuit from Bark Avenue. If your puppy is hungry for a more substantial treat. Choose to offer Fido a 6-ounce steak or chicken breast with rice, carrots, or green beans!

Deck 84, 840 East Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach

Relaxed waterfront dining is always a fresh idea and retrieve a doggie menu from the host and you have a great meal! The doggie diner menu sounds delicious. Your furry friend can choose between three dishes: Fetch the Fish, Beggin’ for Beef or Chasin’ the Chicken.



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