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Find Your Zen at Any of These Local Gardens

Posted by Brittany Bosher on Thursday, June 1st, 2017 at 4:30pm.

Life in South Florida is really the best; it offers its resident’s pristine beaches, blue waters, championship golf, lux shops, critically acclaimed restaurants and so much more. However, those of us who live here also know the hustle and bustle of business, earning the living to afford the home here and just the overall stress of life can still affect people in even the most beautiful of places. So, when its time for relaxation you need a place to regroup and to recharge your batteries. These hidden gems in our area are tranquil getaways right in the middle of it all. 

The Morikami Museum and Botanical Gardens

Transport yourself to another country the moment you step foot onto the grounds of The Morikami Museum and Botanical Gardens in Delray Beach. A dream turned into a reality by Japanese farmers in Boca Raton in the early 20th century, these gardens are a legacy that will take you on a trip through time and culture. 

The Morikami Gardens are comprised of 6 exceptional gardens grown in the Japanese tradition. Each garden represents something special, like the In Roji-En Garden that is inspired by a single drop of dew. It “celebrates the ephemeral beauty and the cycles of regeneration that define the world around us.” Winding waterways, architecturally complex bridges and paths guide you through the gardens. The beauty and meaning of this place is certain to bring you back to your center. Enjoy a longer stay at the café that offers Japanese teas and sushi. 

The Four Arts Botanical Garden

A sliver of an escape amongst all of the lavish shops, designer boutiques and palatial estates that make up the isle of Palm Beach is the Four Arts Botanical Garden. These peaceful gardens originated in 1938 as an experiment. They were created to show the residents of Palm Beach and the rest of the county the diversity of tropical plants native to our state. After great success, the experimental gardens were taken care of by the Garden Club of Palm Beach and have grown into the beautiful gardens they are today. 

The Garden Club of Palm beach nurtured these gardens and added serene sitting areas for guests, bubbling fountains and stunning statues. Escape to these gardens for a few hours of peace with nature and regain your appreciation for the local nature that makes our home so beautiful. 

The Ann Norton Sculptural Gardens 

The Ann Norton Sculptural Gardens are a feast for your senses. One of the most unique and incredible features of our area by far, these gardens are home to 9, larger than life sculptures. These sculptures are made of granite and brick and took over 15 years for artist, Ann Norton to sculpt by hand. For the art lovers, these gardens are a destination you must visit. For those who appreciate Floridian culture and history you will want to come for the rare variety of plants showcased here. Not only do the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens offer a tiny piece of serenity amongst the clamor of West Palm Beach but also they are even on the National Register of Historic Places. Find yourself a couple of hours to escape here and witness some stunning art and the of Florida’s most extraordinary plants.

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