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Posted by Nicole Richards on Friday, September 12th, 2014 at 11:25am.

9.12.14 Fishing Report

There is no doubt that the 2014 "Mullet Run" is here in South Florida and in massive numbers!

As we are on the rumpside of the full moon, the fair amount of rain and the slight weather change we may recieve over the weekend, we can predict some consistent and predictable fishing action!

Wahoo should be generating a bite over the weekend in a 200’-300’ depth of water.
Dolphin fishing is now sort of a guessing game of what depth they may be in but keep searching in all depths of water in hoping to hook up some fresh Mahi-Mahi for dinner.
Blackfin tuna have been captured in 250'-350’ of water out of the Palm Beach Inlet and have reported being fairly small.
Snapper fishing has been slamming on the hook out of Jupiter Inlet, especially with the right current. In depths of 60-90’ of water, you may be able to pull in a good number of mutton snapper, yellowtail and mangrove snappers.

As the weather is slightly changing, the flats are holding more fish. Finger mullet are in massive schools and are making a big stir inshore.

Numerous amount of snook, tarpon, jacks and sharks are all looters who seem to be delightfully taking full advantage of the delicious buffet that is being served to them. Even a few sea trout and red fish (depending on your area) have been picking their way in on the finger mullet action.

As the gloomy weather and fair amount of rain, the spillways will open up and the snook bite will be on! The best time to fish is in the evening, as the dinner feast is being served.

South Florida anglers, be sure to take full advantage of the massive supply of live bait while you can!

Remember, Good things come to those who Bait! 

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