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Posted by Nicole Richards on Friday, May 15th, 2015 at 11:14am.

May is here and bringing in the heat along with warmer water temperatures!

Offshore- The big bite happening offshore this week in South Florida is definitely kingfish, averaging in at 30-50 pounds. In the range of 100-200 ft. of water, the best bait to use if you are trying to target these silver kings are live goggle eyes or sardines. However, if you prefer trolling the offshore waters, break out your downriggers and run a split tail mullet or artificial ribbonfish to attract the fish’s attention.
Dolphin and Wahoo are in a little deeper of 200-350 ft. of water and anglers may have to work a little harder to find these fish at these depths and some reports say dolphin are in much deeper as 800-1200 ft.  Mix up your bait spread a bit with natural and artificial.
On the bottom floor, there are large lane and vermillion snappers being caught in 60-90 feet. Drop down some frozen sardines for your best bet of hooking up.  Experienced anglers say to use a slider rig with a 3-4 foot leader from your swivel. Also, large cobias are around the active reefs, so always keep an eye out for these tasty fish and have your rod ready!

Inshore- This time of year in South Florida, the spawning of the snook will trigger and really big female fish gather in the local inlets, offering catches well into the double digit numbers. Snook action is firing at the docks, seawalls and inlets along with the beach shorelines; the bite is all over the water and seems to continue to be the main target areas for these hungry linesiders. Live baits and top water plugs are great to work up along the seawalls and the flats.  
Tarpon are showing up again in the inlets as the big pods of fish are migrating south from the Stuart area. The bays hold juvenile fish. Look for rolling signs of life in the area and be sure to get in front of the fish and avoid spooking them.

Freshwater- The freshwater lakes and canals are teaming up with action! Largemouth bass are active all throughout the day. Jigging on grassy shorelines or drop offs will offer plenty of rod bending action. Peacock bass fishing has been stellar due to weather patterns and warming water temperatures. The peacock bass are striking at flies, DOA shrimp and jerk baits and live shiners work well too!  Anglers are looking for explosive action should use smaller top water plugs.

*Reminder: On May 30th, the West Pam Beach Fishing Club and The City of Rivera Beach will be hosting its 13th annual KDW tournament.

Get out on the water fishing this weekend and Tight Lines!

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