Five Things Every Retiree Should Want When Looking for Their Forever Home

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You worked hard your entire life and now want to enjoy the fruits of your labor. In your golden years, it should be a time of doing whatever your heart desires. Whether that be catching up on hobbies, making time for family, or moving to a place you always wanted to live, these are five things every retiree should want when looking for their forever home.

Access to Outdoor Spaces

Pickleball, tennis, or golf whenever wherever. If this is the life you desire, consider moving to a community that has all of it or at least in close proximity. Especially in Florida, there is a plethora of housing options out there waiting for you to call home that offer these amenities on premises. Staying in shape is a crucial part of aging no matter how old or young you are. Living in a place that keeps you on the move while simultaneously keeping you in the game is something that will make retirement feel more like a permanent vacation rather than a senior living space.

Low Maintenance Living

Who wants to keep doing yard work and house upkeeping for the rest of their lives? I know I sure do not want to. Living in a community where that is taken care of can be rewarding. You will have more time to do the things you want to do and less time doing the things you do not want to do. Living in an HOA community or a condominium complex will ease your burdens by having everything you need taken care of. From the landscaping to home renovations to waste management, living in a place that takes care of all of it can provide you the stress-free life you deserve.

Healthcare Facilities Nearby

Things happen, and you have no idea when or where that might be, but having a security blanket such as healthcare facilities nearby should be a top priority for anyone retiring. The peace of mind knowing you do not have to travel far and wide just to see the doctor is key to living your best life. Health is wealth, and the distance you are to a doctor, pharmacy, or hospital should be given some serious consideration in your housing decision.

An Airport that is Close, but Not Too Close

Retiring does not mean you have to stop exploring the world. In fact, retirement can be the best time to see all things you never got to before. Having an airport nearby gives you the access to go as you please. Why I say close but not too close is because the traffic and noise generated from the airport can be an inconvenience. I would say opt for no more than a 40-minute drive to your nearest airport, but also not down the street. The key is finding that sweet spot in the middle.

Extra Space for Family

Say you moved from New Jersey to Florida and the rest of your family and friends still reside up North. Having extra space for your loved ones to visit should definitely be considered. Having the flexibility to say “hey come down whenever” makes your move less daunting and gives you excitement to look forward to visits throughout the year.


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