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Florida Exempt from Offshore Drilling Plan

Posted by Amanda Hicks on Thursday, January 11th, 2018 at 4:12pm.

As the new Offshore Drilling Plan just passed in the U.S., President Trump has taken the state of Florida off the list of offshore fracking sites.

The original plan was to largely expand oil drilling in the Atlantic, Arctic, and Pacific oceans. This included several drilling operations off the coast of Florida, however drilling is now blocked.

The reason is to preserve the clean waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean off the southern coast of the country. 

Florida is also important economically, with a multibillion-dollar tourism business dependent upon its miles of sparkling blue water and white sandy beaches.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who propsed the plan, said “Florida is obviously unique” and the decision to remove the state came after discussing further with Governor Rick Scott. 

This is great news for Florida residents, homeowners, and snow birds. 

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