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Florida's Busiest Month Begins to Heat Up: Welcome to February!

Posted by Brittany Bosher on Thursday, February 7th, 2013 at 9:38am.

Miami Beach

The holiday season is over and we have arrived in February. While the majority of our nation is still shoveling snow and bundling up, the Floridians are hitting the beach. Florida has the warmest and sunniest winters in the eastern United States and February is the time to visit. February is the busiest month in south Florida, as asserted by USA Today, with tourism influxes reaching over 86 million people in past years. Some of Florida’s beaches are warmer than others which create the enticing, vacation hot-spots like Miami Beach and Palm Beach. The sunshine state is renowned for its tropical temperatures, stunning real estate and miles of beaches. According to Southfloridavacation.com the average temperature in south Florida during the month of February ranges from 75° to 89°. The ocean temperature hovers around 73° year round but dips slightly to 70° during the winter months. Compared to some northern cities such as New York, with average temperatures ranging from 27° to 40° in February, Florida is a tropical paradise.
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With temperatures like this, its no wonder south Florida tops the charts as the most desirable vacation destination. Beaches from Jupiter to Miami boast some of the highest numbers of visitors, but Key West takes the cake. The Florida Keys span over 110 miles and offer beaches on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, how can that be beat? Although, all of the beaches in Florida are pretty special, if you end up at any one of them in Februay you're bound for a good time. The weather is what determines the high seasons for south Florida. The winter and early spring months are the most popular times for northerners to take refuge here. These months attract the people which in turn amps up home sales, creating the peak of the real estate season.

Famous Florida OrangesIf you are looking for the perfect vacation home or permanent residence in a place where the sun is always shining, the weather is always warm and people are friendly, there is no better place than south Florida. Whether you want a high-rise condo, on the sizzling beaches of Miami, a private, beach bungalow in Jupiter or a sprawling, oceanfront estate on Jupiter Island, Florida has something for you!

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