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Posted by Nicole Richards on Thursday, March 12th, 2015 at 10:17am.

South Florida fresh catch

Our oceans are so mysteriously bountiful and full of slamming fish, there is not much better than fresh fish fillets! It could have something to with eating what we excitedly worked hard catching or maybe it’s purely the deliciousness tastes of the fillets.

South Florida on the waterfront has an abundance of edible saltwater fish and being able to identify from the catch and release fish is important, since the only difference between them can be ever so slightly, view the popular profiles of Florida Saltwater Fish from Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC).  

No matter what, having the highest quality of tastes of any catch that gets put on the dinner table starts way before the fish is even hooked!

Some tips for keeping your Fresh Catch 5 Stars:

  • If you are hooked on to a slamming dolphin or any fish worthy catch, aim the gaff toward the head to avoid damaging the appetizing flesh.
  • Most fish can put be right on ice, however some species such as tuna and mackerel should be bled prior to help cool the fish from the inside out, best to do so shortly after the fish was landed.
  • Avoid overcrowding any type of fish in a cooler without a lot of ice.
  • Try not to constantly open the fish box, since it releases the cold air. (Unless you are adding more fish or ice)
  • Fish Fillets should immediately be frozen to prevent spoiling.
  • The most effective way to freeze fish is to vacuum seal bags to preserve your fish, some fishermen still rely on zip block bags as the easiest way to freeze but that is not the case unless you are going to consume within a few days.
  • Mark the sealed bags with a sharpie marker to label the identification of the fillet.  
  • To properly de-thaw fish and ensure the highest quality, allow the frozen fish to naturally thaw out in the refrigerator for 24 to 48 hours and allow fillets to reach a room temperature before prepping.

“Proper chilling, filleting, freezing and thawing procedures all make a big difference in the longevity of freshness, presentation, aroma and flavor of any fish. However, none of that matters very much if you don’t know how to properly prepare your catch to achieve the best tasting results. Different species vary in texture and each must be handled and prepared accordingly. Fresh fish is like a fine cut of steak. Prepared properly and it melts in your mouth. Overdo it and it’s more like chewing on a Goodyear tire."

Enjoy your 5-star meal from South Florida, from the hook to the grill!


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