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Posted by Nicole Richards on Monday, August 10th, 2015 at 3:00pm.

Get Back to our Roots with Inner Child LLC.

Inner Child LLC, a company originated by a young and inspired local from Jupiter/Tequesta, Florida, Taylor Pardue, who has built up a bulk of her passions for a healthy lifestyle into her handmade body and wellness products.

Inner Child LLC believes that using 100% of natural elements that Mother Earth delivers within her products will help remove toxins from the body that are filled in our everyday products. Did you know that many daily products contain large amounts of pollutants that aren’t printed on the label and are factually going straight into the body’s bloodstream, harming the body in numerous ways? How are these ingredients being used still allowed on the market today?  Surprisingly for many, there are many chemicals unwritten on our daily products such as deodorant, body scrubs and lotions, as well as soaps and sprays. Taylor Pardue is introducing and educating her clients to the natural and holistic lifestyle for a productively healthy, happier and longer life.

Taylor Pardue, owner of Inner Child LLC has received a diploma as a Certified Natural Health Professional and now is enrolled in pursuing her Naturopath Doctors Degree. Her promise is to help remove and cut toxins out of the regular routine and introduce to inform many on how a holistic lifestyle could benefit you too!

For a healthier mind, body and spirit look into interchanging your noxious ingredients with an all-natural and handmade body and wellness products and guaranteed are 100% organic. Products available include: soaps, body butter and lotions, sugar scrubs, deodorant, body spray, conditioning hair sprays, and lip balms. Even insect repellent and car air fresheners are available and have a severe impact on what you put on your body and/or breathe in!

All these organically made products are available online at: Inner Child Boutique

Any questions or concerns pertaining to these wellness products, it is encouraged to email Inner Child LLC at InnerChildWellness@yahoo.com

“The Simple Things in Life Are the Sweetest, Get Back To Our Roots.”

Inner Child
3450 Canal Court
Jupiter, FL 33469




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