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Posted by Nicole Richards on Monday, July 14th, 2014 at 9:38am.

Country Vocal & Performance Contest

Are you an aspiring country singer who wants to take their hobby or career to the next level? Well, here is your chance to shine and become the next country star. Encore Entertainment at the Firedogs Saloon in Fort Lauderdale has created this 12 week competition. It has some of the elements of the notorious television shows such as The Voice and American Idol but limits the music genre to only country music. The competition acts just like the television shows which have blind judging, as well as the audience’s vote and comments from the judges on each of performances. This will determine who moves forward in the competition.
This is a chance for someone to get noticed and also may be able to take an active role in recording, writing songs and perform live with The Nash Carey Band, which will feature on iTunes. The winner takes all with addition to $1,000 cash prize.
For more information, please call 954-592-2647, Join The Next Country Star Facebook group page.
Get out to Fort Lauderdale, FL and get your country on!

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