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With Earth Day on the minds of many homeowners, the idea of reducing their carbon footprint of everyday household living now tops the priority list – primarily for feel-good reasons. They want to reduce global warming by recycling more and using less, and that’s all good.

But industry experts say there are “green” reasons to go green, in addition to the altruistic ones. Because saving money is a major motivator, those experts have revealed some of the penny-pinching perks homeowners can expect on their way to saving the planet.

Reduce Utility Bills

The electric and water bills come in every month, and in the summertime, they can be record-breaking. Upgrading home appliances and taking care to insulate and protect them can help to reduce kilowatts and gallons. Try installing a tankless heater for home-water use or insulating the existing tank. Also, insulating piping can bring down costs. As for the air-conditioner that keeps everyone cool and comfortable, it needs tender-loving care, as well. Investing in annual maintenance of the unit will provide a good return on investment by ensuring the system is running well and is clean and well-filtrated. The addition of weatherstripping around doors and windows also can save dollars by keeping that hot and humid air where it belongs – outside.

Boost Home Equity

Realtors say green homes have more value than nongreen homes because of their appeal to buyers. And if a home is valued higher, it could be reflected in the appraisal price. That could lead to a boost in home equity. Statistics show that an annual decrease of $1 in a home’s utility bill because of environmental improvements will result in up to a $25 increase in its value. Do the math; it adds up to a significant amount.

Hot Property

Green homes on the market have been proven to sell faster than their less-energy-saving counterparts.  Today’s buyers will put a green home on the top of their list, Realtors say, adding that homes with solar panels, low-flush toilets or a composting system will sell twice as fast as homes without such features.

About the author: Sherry Ajluni is a specialist in Alpharetta real estate in Georgia. She is very knowledgeable and is able to assist her clients with both buying and selling homes in Alpharetta.
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