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Posted by Nicole Richards on Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 at 3:49pm.

Happy 91st birthday Jupiter!
(Founded on February 9, 1925)

“Probably no other location on the East Coast of the United States enjoys the international reputation for guiding ships throughout the centuries as does the area now known as Jupiter, Florida.”

Back in the earlier days, the Hobe Indian tribe used to lodge and settle near the Loxahatchee River in Florida. The tribe was very uniquely skilled hunters who based their meals on seafood and all things meat and were incredible craftsman, making useful bare necessities.

Later in time, the area was going to be included in the new world map and the name of the town was misspelled from “Hobe” to “Jove”, later with modifications being named, “Jupiter.” Jupiter is the Latin translation of God.

The town of Jupiter was then colonized by new people and modernized the area that is proudly surrounded by Palm Beach County. The Dubois Family was one of the first to build a home in the southern tip of the town of Jupiter and many artifacts still are represented today.  Trapper Nelson was also a well-known icon for relying on the bounty of the Loxahatchee River and Jupiter Inlet in cypress logging, fishing, hunting, pineapple and citrus farming was just some staples of the local economy.

The Jupiter Inlet was once a very important meeting place for the Indian tribes and the inlet went through a lot of openings and closings until 1929. The inlet was blocked by the natural environmental cycles and the locals would help it stay open by digging channels around it in order to receive transportation of imports and other sources of goods for living.

The same red lighthouse that stands strong today at 105 feet into the sky on the top of a high hill is still such an iconic piece of Jupiter, Florida history and landmark.

Instead of school buses, Jupiter school boats were regularly transmitted the local children to the school house and back to their houses by the early 20th century. After school, the same children could be found on the waterway playing in the river and collecting oysters. 

The vivacious lifestyle, home of many recreational centers, residential communities and neighborhoods as well as where many seasonal residents spend their time dwelling in the beautiful locality. The happy spirit of the land of Jupiter is still preserved today due to the coastal living lifestyle that is daily implemented.

“Jupiter town maybe small in size but it is big in providing every city benefit imaginable.”

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