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Posted by Nicole Richards on Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 at 2:24pm.


To give back to our soldiers and returning warriors comes in all different methods, but a unique form was founded in 2007, Heroes on the Water, an organization that gives back to those that fought for our country across the nation. This society provides warriors a chance to engage and enthrall in kayak fishing, both fresh and salt water.

Heroes on the Water, is an amazing way to help our warriors un-wind and relax. Imagine how challenging it may be for our soldiers to be in very aggressive and unfriendly environments. They are exposed to all levels of stress, emotionally and physically strenuous that most people cannot even comprehend. It is a great opportunity and created to uplift our returning warrior’s spirits and help revise them back to be able to spend time with their loved ones. Many warriors and veterans call this recreational sport of Kayak Fishing very therapeutic – in all different stages especially just from being out on the peaceful waters.

Heroes on the Water create fishing trips and events to go fishing. The warrior and/or veteran just calls up and the organization makes it happen with all the gear included. HOW acquired 700 kayaks to donate to our nation’s soldiers and Lews developed the Hero Program.

You can personally help by spreading the word about this great organization and get involved through the website: Heroes On The Water

Take the time to get a returning hero out on the water this fall… It may positively bring a peaceful state of mind to reintegrate back into society and decompress the stresses of combat and rehabilitation.

Help a Warrior “Calm the Storm Inside”

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