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Humpback Whale Spotted Offshore in Stuart

Posted by Amanda Hicks on Wednesday, December 20th, 2017 at 8:57am.


Every once in a while, locals are lucky enough to see a spectacular sight; Humpback whales breaching the waters of the Atlantic. The mammals, which can grow to be 50 feet long and weigh 40 tons, migrate yearly, traveling from northern Canada and Greenland down to the south Atlantic around the Caribbean for the winter months. That makes now a great time to spot the whales off the coast.

Since they're such large creatures, you'll have a better chance seeing one if you head to deep water. Earlier this week, passengers aboard the Mattanza Charters, based in Pirates Cove Resort and Marina in Port Salerno, went out to the 8-mile reef off Stuart and saw a Humpback having fun in the open ocean. See the video for yourself here

If you'd like to enjoy a day of fishing or diving and whale spotting, there are a number of 5-star charters in the area. This includes Mattanza, Floridian Sport Fishing, Chaos Fishing Adventures, and Daymaker. See which one works for you and plan a day out on the water. You might just get lucky like the passengers at the 8-mile reef did. Either way you're in for a great experience!

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