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Hurricane Dorian Donations and Relief | Waterfront Properties

Posted by Gerald Lombardo on Wednesday, September 4th, 2019 at 8:20am.

Today Palm Beach County wakes thankful, yet concerned. Thankful that we were spared the wrath of Hurricane Dorian, yet concerned for those who weren’t.

Palm Beachers know what it means to come together during times of crisis. Accordingly, many of us are already thinking of the Bahamas. If you are looking to help out, here is what you need to know:

The Better Business Bureau encourages donors to make sure that they are offering support — particularly monetary donations — to experienced disaster relief organizations and avoid newly created charity groups that seem inexperienced or have unclear agendas and mission statements. Donors can check the authenticity of relief organizations on the Better Business Bureau website as well as give.org.

Here are a few legit charities currently focused on the Bahamas.

Waterfront Way Foundation

In addition to working with the "Winner's Circle" charity (see below), Waterfront Properties has its own organization involved in Hurricane Dorian relief called the "Waterfront Way Foundation."

The Waterfront Way Foundation is currently accepting donations for the Bahamas at the Waterfront Properties office at 825 Parkway Street in Jupiter, FL. If you would like to write a check, please make it payable to the "Waterfront Way Foundation." Rob Thomson, Waterfront's Managing Partner, has announced that Waterfront Properties will match up to the first $10,000 donated.

If you are planning on dropping off goods, some of the most needed items include Water & Water Containers, Water Filtration Devices, Canned Goods, Baby Formula, Cereal, Generators, Blankets, First Aid Kits, Mosquito Repellent, Flashlights, Batteries, Hygiene Kits. For more information on the items they need in the Bahamas, click here

Winner's Circle Charities

Winner's Circle is a South Florida based charity the is partnered with Waterfront Properties. Due to its location and experience with hurricane relief, the organization is particularly well suited to helping those in the Bahamas. You can donate to the Winner's Circle directly here, or you can buy one of the charity's "We all Love the Bahamas" hats here.

All Hands and Hearts Smart Response

All Hands and Hearts is a nonprofit organization is comprised of more than 57,000 volunteers who help communities get back on their feet following a natural disaster. While the group is accepting donations, volunteers willing to help provide first-hand relief to affected areas of the Bahamas are also being requested. Sign up to volunteer here or donate HERE.

Heart to Heart International

In preparation of the storm, the global humanitarian effort — which specializes in programs aimed at health and wellness — deployed medical response teams including the Mobile Medical Unit stocked with medicines, tetanus vaccines, medical supplies and hygiene kits days before the storm made landfall in the Bahamas. However, the organization is looking to send more medical aid to the Bahamas once the storm clears, in addition to deploying units in areas of Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, where the storm is predicted to head next. The organization is requesting donations, which can be made HERE.

Bahama Strong

Launched by Miami Commissioner Ken Russell on Sunday, the relief effort is requesting people donate a number of common goods including water, canned goods, can openers, mosquito spray, sunscreen, diapers, baby formula, first-aid items, flashlights, batteries, and small generators. Donations can be dropped off at any fire station in the city of Miami. Russell told local news media items will be flown directly to the Bahamas once winds from the storm die down as the City of Miami has access to emergency airplanes. For more info, check HERE.

American Red Cross

You can never go wrong when giving to the American Red Cross. To donate specifically to Hurricane Dorian-related efforts, click here.

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