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Incredible Low-Tech Way to Save Tons of Energy and Tons of Money!

Posted by Brittany Bosher on Tuesday, July 14th, 2015 at 10:11am.

As the world gets bigger and more and more small towns grow into larger urban areas and even cities, we have to get smarter when it comes to conserving energy. Have you ever heard of Green Roofs or White Roofs? They might just be the answer.

Most of us have probably seen or at least read about “green roofs.” Green roofs are essentially gardens in the sky. The gardens help insulate buildings in the winter and soak up storm water, reducing water pollution from urban runoff. This makes them an absolute winner when it comes to eco-friendly urbanization and they provide food for the building or home.

New York City is famous and celebrated for all of the green roofs they are implementing in the city. The city even offers tax abatements for those who add greenery and mini farms to their rooftops. The Big Apple is redefining what it means to be an “urban jungle.”

Over 400 rooftops in Portland, Oregon, have gone green and nearly as many are turning green in Washington, California and Illinois. Green roofs are designed to take advantage of the elements, protect interiors, provide food and rebuild a healthy ecosystem in densely populated areas. While environmental benefits are a bonus, the driving reason behind the switch to green are the economic incentives.
Building a green roof can be done for a reasonable price, for as little as $8 to $12 a square foot compared to the average $15.75 per square foot for conventional rooftops. And because the savings go into building a product that is itself protected from the sun with plants, the roofs last longer. A win-win for everyone!

Another great and low-tech option to conserve energy via your roof is to paint it white. A white roof reflects heat and considerably saves summer energy costs. These options would be a huge help here in southern Florida, whether you live in Jupiter or Weston, you can beat the heat with these easy and ingenious remedies.

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