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Posted by Nicole Richards on Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 at 3:56pm.

Stand Up Paddleboard classes

Some sports that initially have been played outdside have also been brought inside, such as treadmills for runners and indoor wave pools for surfers as well as spin class for bicyclists. Now, they are adding another sport, Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) to the indoor world! 

Stand Up Paddleboaring (SUP) is a great low-impact workout and a more enjoyable way to get into balance and core strength. Engaging in this type of total body workout is to purely to have fun all while giving excellent muscle tones and  activating all the fibers from your toes and up. SUP has gained enormous popularity amongst everyone, from beginners to those undergoing rehabilitation and others that just embrace the sport for the pure enjoyment of nature.

However, some do not have the time to get out on the water and paddle around enough before the sun goes down. Due to this, a new way to work out that adds to your repertoire of what you usually do on the water, is a new class: “SUP The Workout”, which is an indoor SUP program.

Based out of Miami Beach, Florida is "SUP The Workout" which is a studio that offers paddling and balancing on an indoor aluminum and steel board, which mimics that same way as being on the waterways. The board measures your performance along with a more intense workout. It is a great way for beginners to learn the footings and balancing acts that it takes to SUP and not fall in the water! Everyone has their own paddling style, so being able to learn that before practicing out on the waterways will help your form and guidance on the machine first.

“Think of your paddle as your sphere and pull yourself toward your paddle. You need to fall on the blade for it to go on the water- like pole-vaulting. Pull your weight, not your arms, your top arm has the power,” says Melina Cherry, a former fitness competitor who leads the classes.  Cherry teaches the “five phases” of the stroke: Reach. Catch. Power. Exit. & Recovery.

If You Go:

What: SUP (Stand Up Paddle) indoor class

Where: SUP The Workout, 3096 Fuller St., Coconut Grove

When: Daily, see class schedule for times http://www.suptheworkout.com/

The classes are open for those who are new to paddle-boarding and for more experienced athletes. Melina Cherry is in the process of splitting the levels into beginner, intermediate and advanced.

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