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Interior Color Trends for South Florida 2017

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Sunday, July 23rd, 2017 at 2:52pm.

Interior color trends for your Southeast Florida home are always changing like the tide. Green is the 2017’s color of the year, the hue of the moment. Green is environments neutral. The further people becomes inundated in modern life, the greater their yearning to dip into the beauty of the environment.  It is apparent in architecture, lifestyle and design selections worldwide.  Green is reminiscent of blossoming plant life and the natural beauty of the outdoors. The color green hints - take a deep breath and reinvigorate.

Research tells us that there are colors to avoid. Some colors can be considered as irritants and can even cause headaches, mood or jumble up your vision.   According to color research, the worst offending color is yellow. “More light is reflected by bright colors, resulting in excessive stimulation of the eyes,” researchers note. “Yellow is an eye irritant. Babies cry more in yellow rooms, husbands and wives fight more in yellow kitchens, and opera singers throw more tantrums in yellow dressing rooms.”

An article, “Paint Color Trends to Avoid”, found Homesessive.com, identified trendy color combinations for home interiors. Some trendy color combinations to avoid, such as:

  • Grey/Beige: The gray and beige combo in a space to create a monochromatic effect. Instead, Berg recommends pulling in some accent colors, like grassy greens, to make the space more warm and inviting. She also recommends mixing in reflective surfaces, such as glass and metal, to lighten up the room since gray tends to absorb more light than other hues.
  • Chocolate brown and blue: This trendy color combo of a chocolate brown and Tiffany’s blue may be growing tiresome in home interiors. Berg recommends freshening up the look by adding a third color to the mix, such as hot pink, coral, or metallic in silver or gold.
  • Red, Gold and Green: This go-to rustic color pattern also may be beginning to grow stale in interiors. Berg recommends avoiding using all three colors in equal portions when you have a tri-color scheme in a home. She also recommends keeping the saturation levels of the color similar, but not exactly the same to liven up the look.
  • The all white kitchen: A kitchen all in white can look fresh and clean, but the look may be getting overdone and growing dull. Liven it up by pulling in some color from an adjacent space or pull a color from the dishes, Berg says. For example, if the homeowner has blue dishes, you might try using deep indigo as an accent color.”

Green is symbolic of new beginnings. It is a refreshing and revitalizing shade to bring the natural world into your modern home. Try to incorporate a little green into your home’s current design scheme; it might be easier than you think.


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