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iPic is Boca's Newest Movie Watching Experience

Posted by Dan Hauser on Friday, November 14th, 2014 at 3:51pm.


One of the hottest spots in the Boca Raton area is the iPic Theatres.

Located in Mizner Park, iPic Theatres features 8 theatres that sit between 50 and 90 people in two levels of comfortable seating. The theatres all feature state of the art technology including digital projection.

In addition to the high quality theatre going experience, all iPic theatres come with in-cinema food and beverage service from both Tanzy Express and the fuss service Tanzy restaurant.

While the Tanzy Express offers items that have been designed to be picked up and eaten in-cinema, all the products on the menu are made with local, fresh, and organic ingredients. In addition, everything is made to order, meaning the food doesn’t sit under heating lamps.

Meanwhile, the full service Tanzy Restaurant offers an inventive take on rustic Italian cuisine that combines artisanal culinary techniques with contemporary style to deliver an unexpected dining adventure.

For more information on the iPic Theatres, visit their website at www.ipictheatres.com.



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