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Juno Beach - Successful Sea Turtles Release!

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Thursday, July 7th, 2016 at 10:29pm.


Juno Beach area residents and visitors witnessed the successful release of two young adult sea turtles this week.  Loggerhead MarineLife Center released two sea turtles after months of rehabilitation, back into their native habitat.

The first young loggerhead sea turtle, Bowden, had been rescued from an intake canal near the St. Lucie Power plant.  The turtle was underweight, lethargic and covered with barnacles.  A young female loggerhead, named Lucie, had been recovered after ingesting a fishing hook.  The Loggerhead MarineLife biologists were able to successfully remove the fishing hook.

Both sea turtles were nursed back to health at the Juno Beach MarineLife Center with various ailments.  The Loggerhead MarineLife Center staff has outfitted one of the turtles, Bowden, with a satellite tag that will allow them to tract the turtle’s whereabouts.  The location will be transmitted each time the turtle surfaces to breathe. It will be interesting to see if the sea turtle will return to this area like its ancestors to breed. You can track the turtle travels at www.marinelife.org/track.  

Loggerhead MarineLife Center (LMC) is located at 14200 U.S. Highway One in Juno Beach.   LMC is one of the sunshine states unique and fun to visit nonprofit organizations.  They are quickly becoming the leading authority on sea turtle education, research, and rehabilitation.   Plan your visit soon!

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