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Posted by zzz - Lorea Thomson on Friday, April 12th, 2013 at 10:48am.

Super Yacht Azzam

YES, PRIVATE!  Its name is “Azzam” and at 590 feet long, it has officially bumped Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s (owner of popular English soccer team Chelsea Football Club) yacht, the 536 foot “Eclipse” from its number one ranking.  German yacht builder, Lurssen, launched the super-yacht days ago, from a shipyard in Bremen, Germany and it is now the prevailing motor yacht in the world.

No comment as to the ownership of the vessel, reports speculate that the owner is likely a member of the Saudi royal family.  The name “Azzam”, which mean “dedication” in Arabic, serves as a clue to the boat’s ownership.  The buyer gave a brief description of what they wanted which was “to build a large luxury yacht with innovative and timeless design that would be able to travel at high speed in warm and shallow waters, whilst providing luxurious and sophisticated accommodation to its guests” according to superyachts.com.

Super Yacht AzzamDesigned by Italian yacht designer, Nauta Yachts,  and constructed by Lurssen Yachts, the $609 million “Azzam” is almost two football fields long and is the size of some cruise ships.  Construction of the vessel has taken nearly four years from renderings to completion.  The dimensions of the world’s newest super-yacht overshadow the previous mega yacht, “Eclipse” by 57 feet.  Not much is known about the interior, it may rival the “Eclipse” with its helipads, cinema, armor-plated master suite, mini submarine, and its own defense system. It is known that it has over 50 suites, and will be manned by over 50 permanent staff; there are no large open spaces on deck for people to congregate, and a staggering top speed in excess of 30 knots!  The renowned Christophe Leoni undertook the interior decoration and the interior design is thought to be sophisticated and luxurious in a “turn of the century Empire style”.

The super yacht will be delivered later this year. “Azzam” will go through sea trials later this summer and will officially launch sometime in the fall.  Do you think you will see the “Azzam” outside of Stuart or Jupiter Inlet?


Photo Courtesy of SuperYachts.com

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