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Posted by Nicole Richards on Thursday, August 13th, 2015 at 8:15am.

“Emoji’s are universal, no matter what language the person you are communicating with speaks; he or she will most likely understand what you’re saying with a red frowny face or a thumbs up!”

Over the years, emoji’s have been universal blowout with population around the world, whether you are sending them by text message through your phone or using them by tablet or by computer, almost everyone would recognize the expressive characters! Japanese computer specialists came up with the electronic characters over 15 years ago, called emoji’s, the translation means a combined picture and a character. The images have taken over communication and transport all sorts of expressive meanings from feelings to climate changes to what you are doing at the moment such as running, getting your nails done or taking an airplane ride! In a study, about 74% of people in the United States alone regularly use stickers, emoticons or emoji’s in their communication.

These expressive icons had an appreciation by a former Jupiter, Florida resident, Alex Smith. Alex and his Florida State University business partner, Ben Frost, have linked up to create their own unique marque of emoji product. A high worth and quality cellphone protective case that shows the emoji of one’s choice on the backside, calling it: EmojiCase.

In our market today, Alex and Ben both recognized the high demand for more personalized cellphone cases. The phone cases originally featured 20 emoji characters ranging from the most popular icons like the American Flag, money bags, musical notes, and the popular smiley faces. “Eventually we’ll be customizing our cases in the future so people can personalize their emoji with us.” The 3-D printed characters on the cell phone cases have a raised feel that adds to their uniqueness.


Alex Smith revealed that his drive for always wanting to be in a business career started from his younger active days by playing sports. As he grew up playing with the Jupiter/Tequesta Athletic Association the entrepreneur added, “Sports here in Jupiter made me work hard. One of the main things I think really helped out in playing sports was learning to interact socially and open yourself to thinking.” In return, helped him customize his product today!

“Alex and Ben have already received a great deal of interest from major South American cell phone companies as well as local ones in the Tallahassee area. They hope to have their unique cases in stores thousands of miles from Florida as well as across the U.S. in a very short period of time.”

The cases sell for $20.00 and can be bought online at: www.GoEmojiCase.com
Find them on Facebook/EmojiCase 

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