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Posted by Lorea Thomson on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 at 4:57pm.


Local, organic, seasonal and sustainable are current “buzzwords” used a lot lately.  To be truly helpful to the environment one must know the differences between and similar implication of these words. If you are a health conscious foodie, you probably want your food or other agriculture products to be local, organic, seasonal and sustainable.

Local food means food that is grown within a certain range.  That radius can cover a few miles or hundreds of miles of your area.  It generally is a good idea to ask if the product is from your town, county or state so you are clear on what local means in that particular instance.

Organic refers to the method food production. Crops that are grown without artificial fertilizers, artificial pesticides, not genetically modified, no hormones and antibiotics are certified organic.  To be certified organic by the USDA the products must meet the organic standards outlined in the Organic Food Production Act, USDA Organic Regulations and National Organic Program Handbook.

Seasonal refers to food that is not preserved and eaten at its height of freshness. The agriculture products often are homegrown in your area and not transported into the region.

Sustainable means it can be used without being destroyed or used up.  Sustainability refers to more than just the environment but means meeting our food needs without bargaining the ability of future generations meet their needs.

Organic food sales are on the rise and with no indication of it slowing down, an educated consumer is a wise consumer. Additionally, it is imperative to know that the farms treat their workers in a fair way with good wages and decent living conditions.

Presently, everyone seems to be in a hurry and with little time is reserved for nutrition. It can be time consuming.  A newly introduced company to the Jupiter area, HelloFresh, may be the simple solution. HelloFresh chefs create recipes, do the grocery shopping, and deliver pre-measured ingredients to your door via free shipping.  This could be one simple solution to resolving your issues to join the healthy food movement. 

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