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Certain styles can make your home look older even if it's a new house. Some quick and easy updating before putting you home on the market will make a big difference to buyers. Here are the styles that make your listing look dated according to the National Association of Realtors:

1. Bright and bold paint colors on walls. Turquoise might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but if you want to add color to the home it's better to do with pieces like pillows and vases. Neutral and warm colors are safe and always in style. 

2. Animal prints. At some time, someone somewhere came up with the idea that leopard and tiger prints on chairs and couches made them look more expensive. It's actually a big turn-off to home buyers if you're selling your home furnished. It's time to get rid of those old-fashioned items that'll probably not be making a comeback anytime soon, no offense if you love your cheetah print seat. 

3. Floral Patterns. Most homes have gotten rid of wallpaper long ago. But even trims and couches with floral patterns bring grandma's house back to our minds. Knowing that psychology, remove floral prints that can make the house seem old lady-ish.

4. Chevron patterns. You know, those V-shaped zigzags? Totally decades old yet somehow makes its way into our homes on our rugs, chairs, and decorations. Again, it brings the mind to those retro ages to mind and we just don't want to go there. 

5. Mirrored Furniture. Even if you're not selling your home with furniture it's important to know that pieces like this and those mentioned above should be taken out of sight to increase your chances of selling your home. Mirrored furniture is also high on the list of things that affect the look of your home and its probability of selling.

6. Carpet on the main floor. Most high-end and new houses don't have carpet on the main floor, so ones that do can look older. Replace carpet with tile or wood for a newer, nicer look that is also easier to clean.

7. Reclaimed wood. While beachy wood was popular for a while especially in the tropical state of Florida, it's not something that should be a main piece in the house. The old look takes away from the newness of the house. Move the unfinished wood to table to the porch where it's more acceptable. 

8. Shower tub combos. Probably the most "remodeling" work out of the whole list- if the master bathroom doesn't have a separate walk-in shower and stand-alone tub, it really makes the house look outdated. Increase your chances of selling by remodeling the master bath. 

Take this list into consideration when selling your home as there are quite a few things you can do to give the place a fresh look. Check out our other blog post to see what else is trending in luxury homes and take a look at our featured listings here.

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