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National Pretzel Day – West Palm Beach

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Tuesday, April 26th, 2022 at 2:48pm.

Do not get it twisted, the best way to celebrate National Pretzel Day is to enjoy salty savings at Auntie Anne’s in West Palm Beach. In honor of the holiday, Auntie Anne’s will be giving out a free pretzel! No need to spend any dough on a pretzel on Tuesday, April 26, 2022. You can get a free Original or Cinnamon Sugar pretzel all day on April 26, 2022. 

This food holiday dates to 1983, when Congressman Robert S. Walker of Pennsylvania declared that his favorite food, the iconic pretzel, needed its own holiday. A good call if you love carbs and salt. When National Pretzel Day rolls around, you can find deals from pretzel chains. American consumers munch on approximately 1.5 pounds of pretzels each annually.

The origins of the name “pretzel” are lost in history, but monks were likely involved. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, “pretzel comes from the German brezel, which came from the Latin bracellus or brachiatellus, meaning “little arms” because the twist of the pretzel is reminiscent of arms folded in prayer. Other scholars say the first pretzels were called pretiolas (little rewards) and given by the monks to students who did a good job reciting prayers.”  

Auntie Anne's Don't get it twisted, the best way to celebrate National Pretzel Day is with free pretzels. On Tuesday, April 26, Auntie Anne's is giving away free soft pretzels to commemorate National Pretzel Day. All customers must do first is sign up for a free membership on the Auntie Anne's Pretzel Perks app below: https://locations.auntieannes.com/fl/palm-beach/1751-palm-beach-lakes-blvd.



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