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Old-World Gourmet Market - West Palm Beach

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Saturday, November 6th, 2021 at 5:43pm.

A beautiful old-world gourmet market opened within the past couple of months to rave reviews. Mama Bella Gourmet Market and Café is located at 518 South Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach. The market and café opened recently. The café and market is a 3,750-square-foot culinary emporium, which has a capacity of 75 guests and carries a curated assortment of the world’s finest gourmet foods, and spices. Mama Bella is named after the owner, Vladimir Fulman’s, adored and beloved mother. Mama Bella features a contemporary café and bar, European-inspired gourmet market and deli, international wines, specialty stone pizza, and an alfresco patio.

The gourmet market also offers imported artisanal cuisine and the finest ingredients. The full-service, European-inspired market, and scratch kitchen roll out a rotating, counter-service menu with an emphasis on global cuisine, including Italian, Russian, and the coastal Mediterranean. Highlights include chicken croquettes, beef, and mint cabbage rolls, and veal-and-beef meatballs. The options are plentiful and include cured meats and salami, artisan cheeses, seafood, chicken, homemade pasta, and opulent desserts.

Vladimir eloquently stated, “We wanted to bring something new and uniquely European to West Palm Beach. Like our city’s diverse neighborhoods, we want to celebrate ethnic diversity in every bite at Mama Bella.” 

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