OPENING THIS WEEKEND: Life Sized Shark Replicas at the Loxahatchee River Center

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Photo Courtesy: Palm Beach Post 

For a limited time at the Loxahatchee River Center in Jupiter are several life-sized replicas of some of the native sharks that live in our Floridian waters. 

This special exhibit-taking place at the center features a life-sized replica of an 8-foot bull shark, a lemon shark and a nurse shark that you can get up close and personal with. Also, on display at the Loxahatchee River Center are a beautiful series of photos of sea turtles, sharks, dolphins and a variety of other native marine creatures. Each year, over 25,000 visitors make their way to the Loxahatchee River center to learn about our local ecosystems and their plants and animals. 

This interesting shark display that is currently at the river center will teach visitors everything they want to know about sharks. You will learn about the incredible qualities sharks have and what makes them such voracious hunters and exceptional survivors in the vast oceans. 


One of the things you may learn while standing next to an 8 foot bull shark will be the senses a shark has. Along with the 5 senses we humans have, touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight, sharks have 2 more. One of these senses is their lateral line. A line that runs along side of their bodies that allows them to sense vibrations and movement in the water. The other additional sense is their Ampullae of Lorenzini, which you can see if you look closely at their nose above their mouths. These pores resemble whiskers on a cat or a dog and allow the shark to sense where their prey is while eating it and moving through the water. 

Many of the sharks native to florida travel back and forth to different waters like the Bahamas, Carribean and even Africa, so take the chance to see them up close and personal at the Loxahatchee River Center in Jupiter. 


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