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Living in Palm Beach County, we are fortunate enough to reside in one the most beautiful places in the country. Most would say the selling point of our area is the beaches that attract people from far and wide. For residents who call this place home 365 days a year, it is deeply important to us that our beaches stay pristine so everyone can continue to enjoy them for years to come. With the growing number of individuals moving and vacationing here, these are the ways we can help keep our precious sandy landscapes up to the standard we all believe they should be. 

Beach Clean Ups: Find local organizations that are dedicated to keeping our beaches clean and look for when they are hosting events in the area. This is a great way to not only help maintain the beaches, but also foster a sense of community amongst your fellow neighbors.

Reduce Single Use Trash: Try to avoid single use trash items such as chip bags, sandwich bags, or plastic water bottles. Not only can this make the beach look awful, but it also is putting the ecosystem at risk as well. Opt for more environmentally safe items such as glass Tupperware or stainless-steel reusable items that you can take home with you.

Educate Others: Before stepping foot on the beach, be sure to educate whoever you may be with on what to bring to the beach and how to go about disposing their waste when they are leaving. Nothing is more frustrating than going to the beach trying to relax and there is a pile of trash in your eyes view. 

Proper Waste Disposal: Most beaches in the area have waste bins at the entrances/exits. Be sure to gather all you came with and dispose what you are finished with. It is as easy as it sounds and takes little to no effort to pick up after yourself. 

Encourage Lawmakers to Support Clean Up Efforts: As tax paying citizens, we have a voice to speak up for ourselves and our environment. Keep our elected officials accountable for providing the necessary clean up measures in order to keep the beaches spotless. Attend meetings and write letters to local officials to help gain traction for this movement.

Leave it How You Found It: When you go to the beach, look around and marvel at the beauty in front of you. When you end up leaving look around again and ask yourself, is this how it looked when I got here? If not, make sure you take the right steps to make it look like no one was there at all.

Strive to Keep Original Habitats: Before any of us ever enjoyed the magic of our beaches, many other beings called them home first. We have an obligation as humans to make sure we do not take away these species home by treating it as going over a friend/relative’s house. Would you go trash your friend or relative’s house and leave without cleaning up after yourself? 

By following these steps to keep our beaches clean, we can continue to enjoy the beauty around us for generations to come. Not only is it important to learn and take part in beach conservation, but it is crucial too. There is no place like Palm Beach County, and the hope is that it continues to thrive as long as we are all around.

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