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Every summer our South Florida beaches are draped with bright colored tape and signs to show where these sea turtles have buried their eggs. Florida beaches are the number one place for sea turtles to nest from May – October. Sea Turtles are most common up and down the Atlantic coastline; groups organize together and do night-time sea turtle walks in July to observe these ancient creatures in their natural state.
Getting the chance to see a Loggerhead, Leatherback or green sea turtle in action is such an unforgettable experience. Visitors are led to these spots on the beach where these sea turtles are digging a hole about one or two feet deep with their flippers. After the sea turtle prepares its nesting ground on the beach the creature will start filling the hole with eggs about the size of a ping pong ball. After that, she re-fills the hole with sand and heads back out to sea.
Nearly all sea turtle walks require reservations because sea turtle walk guiders know the federal and state laws about what you can and cannot do regarding these threatened or endangered species. Most programs start in the classroom and/or the rehabilitation centers and end on the beach. Naturalists tell us that there is no way to predict which night will be best for the nesting scene. With that said, some beaches may be better for viewing than others, and participants may need to walk a mile or two away from the urban environment.

Be patient as Mother Nature takes its course as you may get lucky and see some tiny sea turtle hatchlings scramble to make it out on their own!

Reserve your spot for a memorable experience at a State Park or Nature Center!

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