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Serenity Garden Tea House in West Palm Beach

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Tuesday, September 20th, 2022 at 2:02pm.

The Serenity Garden Tea House is the place for afternoon tea - South Florida style. This tea house is necessary for those wishing to experience the classic West Palm Beach lifestyle of a bygone era. The Serenity Garden Tea House is located at 316 Vallette Way, in West Palm Beach.

Set in a beautifully decorated 1919 historic cottage, the Serenity Garden Tea House features wood floors and a fireplace that perfectly complements tables set with teacups of fine china, linen napkins, fresh flowers, and teapots.

Because of late evening meals, lunch became larger spreads, often accompanied by extended business meetings for London businessmen. All of this resulted in an exceptionally long break between meals for the women waiting for their men to return home for the evening meal. As the taking of tea became fashionable, the ritual became both expected behavior as well as correct behavior.

Taking tea developed public and private realms of interest; festive dressing is a response to an eating event. Tea was also seen as a symbol of a rite of passage. ‘Finally, being admitted to tea and coffee drinking, then, is a minor initiation rite: you are old enough to take it, and by that time you are also likely to know how to “behave.”

For more information or to schedule a tea, please call 561-655-3911.


Tuesday to Sunday
11:30am - 4:00pm

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