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 Shipwreck Bar and Grille

Located at 1511 North Old Dixie Highway in Jupiter, SHIPWRECK BAR and GRILLE is receiving rave reviews!  Patrons are continuing to compliment the pirate and galleon ship themed restaurant by returning to the sports bar with friends.  The family friendly restaurant offers a wide variety of delicious entrees on the menu.  Specialty dishes from under the sea include lobster, crab, and oysters.  Landlubbers will find satisfaction with a juicy steak or hamburger.  If you are interested in something lighter, perhaps the chef could entice you in a fresh cup of chowder and a fish sandwich, garden burger, or a fresh salad. 

Browse through the restaurant’s new gift shop as you await your lunch or dinner, notice how in the spacious two level restaurant, appears the deck a Spanish galleon ship.  Aboard the ship is a crew of friendly pirates.  The ship is reminiscent of Spanish galleon ship San Miguel de Archangel which sunk off our coast near Jupiter Island in 1659.  Upon returning to Spain with its treasure, an atrocious storm engulfed the vessel!  Only 33 crewmembers of the San Miguel survived that fateful voyage.

Scott Thomson is the captain of an excavation vessel known as the SeaHunter, and at the helm of the SHIPWRECK BAR and GRILLE.  In 1987, the federal court approved Thomson’s claim for salvage of San Miguel de Archangel.  Currently, more than 15,000 coins and bars have been salvaged! Witness some of the actual salvaged treasure in the gift shop!

Thomson has many of the treasures he has resurrected on display at SHIPWRECK BAR and GRILLE.  Chat with him and he will share his expansive knowledge of underwater exploration and other shipwrecks off our coastline.  Bring your crew to the SHIPWRECK 11a.m to 11p.m daily. Be sure to catch happy hour all day, every day with live music on weekends at the outside bar. 

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