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The emotional impact of the viral pandemic is indisputable. We will all experience unsolicited changes in our activities of daily living routine that gradually affects almost everything we do. Experts suggest the following:

1.  MENTAL well being

Find a purpose, identify reasons to sustain our mental wellbeing. Since the spread of COVID-19 started in December 2019, it has quickly become a health menace. In the aftermath of a natural disaster, we cope with a rise of stressors, such as shortages of essentials, school closures, kids home, economic recession, etc. 

No one will be impervious, and some people, particularly the emotionally vulnerable, may show signs of irritability, anxiety, sadness, mood swings, anger, poor frustration tolerance, and disturbed sleep disturbance. This is a time for everyone to remain mindful of our mental wellbeing and to practice positive coping strategies.

2.  Quarantine and Social Distancing is AFFIRMATIVE ACTION

Although social distancing and self-confinement can “feel” like after school detention, it is a historically validated measure of containing epidemics, such as leprosy, the plague and Ebola. It is easier to handle when people understand that we are not only safeguarding ourselves but also benefiting others, especially those who are susceptible until a vaccine is released. 

3. Be KIND to neighbors and their fears as well. 

According to a spokesperson from the University of Miami, “Coming together as a community is a cornerstone in slowing the progress of the pandemic and in strengthening our resolve. Taking personal hygienic measures such as washing hands, coughing away from others into our elbows, eliminating unnecessary travel, and avoiding gatherings and eating in public places in groups, will be beneficial not only to blunt the infection but also a way of emphasizing our role as good citizens”.

Our attitudes towards family, friends, neighbors, and strangers can be a meaningful way to cope with stress positively and further appreciate our duty to show concern and care for one another. 




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