South Florida’s Top Trends for Kitchens 2016

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South Floridians love an inconspicuous life-style.  It begins in the home. Clean, clutter free and streamlined kitchens are directing the new home trends this 2016 season.   Modern touches are even reaching the popular “Tuscan-style” kitchens by adding a modern flavor.  Stainless steel and open thick glass shelving are shaping the new kitchen.

An easy change in any home is addressing electrical outlets.  Today’s family has an average of 12-plus mobile devices.  Multiple plugs are necessary for today’s family.  A cool new product called thingCHARGER aims to make the “process a little easier and neater, as it goes in right over an existing outlet, and docks various devices on top for easy charging.” It features various top mounted charging tips that allow for the smartphone, tablet, reader or other device to be charged without dangling wires.  It is like having a docking station in the wall of the kitchen.

Multi-function cookers are gaining popularity.  Steam ovens are a healthy way to cook.  Cooking with steam preserves moisture, flavor and many nutrients.  Steam ovens combined with convection ovens are revolutionary for culinary enthusiasts.  Ask any professional chef and you’ll quickly understand  the power of steam- “crispy on the outside, moist on the inside”.

In addition to high tech workstations, soft, muted colors in addition to the favored white motifs will dominate kitchen pallets.  Grays, charcoals, tinted whites and muted neutral pastels will be a fresh alternative.

One designer suggested that even traditional kitchens would be less fussy and feature cleaner lines.  Some designers are bold enough to suggest appliances, like refrigerator and stoves take on color. Think 80’s glam to compliment the muted tones. 

One thing for sure is that the new kitchen will have a high tech feel with several hidden charging stations and built in storage for all our devices. 





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